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WineRacks by Marcus manufactures high quality wine racks offering unique wine storage solutions satisfying the needs of collectors, restaurants and food service operations.

In business since 1998, WineRacks by Marcus was initially formed to provide wine storage solutions for customers of a large wine storage facility. The renters of walk-in wine storage lockers required safe, accessible, and space efficient storage, with an additional view to strength due to the occasional earthquake.

Wineracks By Marcus Enables Napa Foodservice Wine Inventories To Withstand Impact Of Earthquake

When an earthquake ripped through Napa Valley in late summer, many restaurants lost thousands of dollars in wine inventories because they didn't have the right racks.

But those with WineRacks by Marcus had virtually no damage because these racks are made to resist the kind of violent shaking and crashing of the earth that happens frequently in California.

Napa Valley’s wine industry suffered $80.3 million in damage from the 6.0-magnitude earthquake last month, according to CBS in San Francisco. The New York Times says the damage may be closer to $1 billion. But restaurants with WineRacks by Marcus had minimal to no damage.

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