We don't sell you our products. We sell solutions. Our most popular configuration is 2D X 6W X 20H [ WineRacks By Marcus CAD Sample] racks for 750 ml. bottles. However, our first question is,"What is your wine program; how many wines, what size bottles to fit in what space?" From that we go to a layout drawing, and then to the hardware that you require. Please see our rack dimensions chart below or download a pdf version.

We normally stock the following standard shelf configurations:

  •     1 x 6 shelves 750 ml. FB
  •     2 x 6 shelves 750 ml. FB
  •     1 x 5 shelves 1.5 L. MB
  •     2 x 5 shelves 1.5 L. MB
  •     1 x 8 shelves 375 ml. HB
  •     2 x 8 shelves 375 ml. HB


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WineRacks by Marcus Rack Layout and Dimensions 2

Rack Dimensions

Our racks are built to your space and can be configured to your special needs. We can build as narrow as 2 bottles wide and as wide as 8 bottles. Beyond 8 bottles we recommend going to a second rack. We want to avoid any arcing that could occur if the racks are too wide. We want the racks to be a straight line look. We build single and double deep. We have built some racks that are 3 deep, but are not satisfied with the look of the finished product. We can custom design your racks to include display shelves, where the bottle will stand angled but upright. This product is very flexible.

The racks can be quite tall, but remember: you will need to invest in a ladder to reach your higher shelves. The racks are not designed to be stood upon! There is a wide selection of library ladders available for very high racks.

The racks can go into refrigeration. Because the product is aluminum with stainless steel screws, the racks like it cold. Also remember, the design will keep your bottles cradled so the cork is always damp.

WineRacks by Marcus Standard Configuration Racks
WineRacks by Marcus Rack Layout and Dimensions 1