IMPORTANT are particularly well-suited to food service applications.

Four saddle brackets are provided with each rack to attach the rack to the
supporting structure or wall (Ω).

Each saddle bracket fits over the back angle of a shelf to hold the rack against the supporting structure or wall. The customer furnishes these

The saddle brackets should be used on the second from the top shelf and on a middle shelf; the brackets should be placed over the back
angle of the shelf within 1/2" of the uprights ("C" in diagram).

To attach the rack to a stud wall, two strips of 3/4" plywood ("D" in diagram) should be fastened to the studs, and the rack should be attached to the plywood strips as shown. This method may also be used with concrete block or masonry walls.

The customer must furnish appropriate fasteners.

To install two or more racks with a flush fit side- to-side, use a utility knife to trim away the plastic foot on the adjoining sides of the uprights

RACK Assembly

Assemble rack by attaching shelves to uprights with the
provided stainless steel screws and nuts. Note that channels of shelves open downward.(                          ) 

When using a power screwdriver or drill to attach the provided stainless steel screws and nuts, use a light
torque setting to avoid damaging the screw; extra screws and nuts are provided.

For use in food service area, leave off the bottom shelf to provide 6" clearance for sanitation access. ("A" in diagram)

For use in food service area, slip on the provided plastic feet to prevent flooring breakthrough. ("B" in diagram)

WineRacks by Marcus Assembly Diagram #3


WineRacks by Marcus Assembly Diagram #2
WineRacks By Marcus Assembly Diagram #1


WineRacks by Marcus assembly and installation instructions.

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